The headache is totally worth it as well. And getting soakin’ wet. Althougyh when I find the jerk that drove next to the road iI will PUNCH him.

Went to see Transformers 4 at last.

I loved it.

I won’t critizice the effects, I won’t question the characters, I will just say that I loved and I was thrilled by it ‘till the end. I loved Hound and Bumblebee, you little piece of scrap, was that really necessary? Seriously, it was hillarious.

The humans’s story was nice, although I can’t believe she still liked the jerk that refused to let her dad go in her search when she was on the car… (there’s a tiny little voice reminding me of a certain femme that was abandoned once…). Don’t talk me about freaking logic here because when you love someone logic DOESN’T EXITS.

Now, Crosshair looked good, but I guess since I missed his accent, I didn’t get that thrilled about him. I loved Hound though, he was impressively good with weapons, blasters and I just love guys that blabber a lot while fighting (why do you think I love Cliffjumper?). Drift was okay, good lookin’ but not impressive in combat (I loved his swords though),  I DID love when he fought with ‘Bee XD can’t help it.

Since the excited effect is fading now, I guess you could say there’s a loose end on the Galvatron part and the army that blablabla… I guess we will learn more from it on the next movie (NICE!). I don’t know a thing about the quintessons (not even how to write the word, as you can see), but that’s not the point I wanna go now.

The point is LOCKDOWN. And I just have word for him: fragger.

He was good (as a character), and I hate him and— OHMYDEAR HOW THE HECK COULD I FORGET IT! THE BASTARD KILLED RATCHET ALL SO SUDDENLY AND THEN RATCHET ASKING FOR MERCY TO HUMANS AND I JUST— WHY!? THEY SAVED HUMANITY AND THIS IS—!? Optimus could have easily left humanity to their own fate but D: he’s too good to do that, ain’t he? ;w; Damn it, Ratchet, why?

I hate you Lockdown, I do.

As you can see, I enjoyed the movie til the end and I’m very thrilled by it. Of course, everyone else thinks it’s bad or just meh’, but then there’s me.

So yeah, kick me out of the fandom. I still will say it was totally worth to watch that movie.

I’m so happy for being invited by friend <3 she’s awesome.

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,
Hebrews 12: 1
But you, God, will bring down the wicked into the pit of decay; the bloodthirsty and deceitful will not live out half their days. But as for me, I trust in you.
Psalm 55: 23


We have substantial evidence placing you at numerous pranks on the set of NCIS. In fact, one of your victims is sitting right at this table. She’s sitting right next to you.

Couldn’t sleep again. I’d blame the rain but I know it’s not. The problem is me, it always has been me.

I dream high, but I fly low; I am kind, but then I keep claiming I’d break anyone who stood in my way. That is not kind, that is not nice.

That is not who I should be.

I was raised to be a nice girl, a nice daughter, a nice persdon with everyone …. I’ve tried and I’m afraid I’ve failed. I want nothing but break my way through and get to the top. Be recognized, be loved and respected.

Be feared, even.

I’ve always been afraid of being nothing, of realizing that my presence is not necessary in this world. Fortunately, mom has reassured me she needs me alive and jumping with a smile, or else, she worries. Dad has his hopes in me and bro… honestly, two years of difference are nothing for us, if everyone asks, he’s my twin.

But I can’t help it… I want more. I want those who hurt me on the ground, and those who have suffered unfairly to find someone they can trust in me. How is that going to be possible when all I want is to take a maze and bring justice non my own? I’m supposed to love and respect everyone, even my enemies… I’m not that forgiving, unfortunately.

God has more mercy with me than I could deserve. I’m not a nice person, I’m not good enough. I know I’ll never be, but at least before I could live with it, knowing that tomorrow I could improve something… now? I’m not so sure. Day after day it’s the same thing… and I feel I’m doing nothing to let the world know THERE IS A GOD and that HE LIVES IN ME.

Hard to believe? Yeah… that’s what I thought.

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.
Hebrews 11: 1
For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.
Psalm 48: 14